Benchmark Your Digital Footprint, To Your Two Biggest Competitors!

  • Uncover your digital weaknesses.
  • Find out what your competitors are doing better.
  • Take advantage of your competitors vulnerability.
  • Discover some quick digital wins.

Assessment Details

Digital Maturity Criterial

Over 30 ways to improve!

Purposely created by Digilari Media, The Digital Maturity Assessment is a four page document that scores over 30 specific marketing related topics. The DMA covers these main areas:

  • Social Media Capabilities
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Lead Generation Capabilities
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Ranking/Search Visibility
  • Tracking & Analytics Capabilities

"Know Your Enemies and Know Yourself.

Then you can fight a hundred battles without disaster", said Sun Tzu. The DMA also identifies where your strengths and weaknesses lie in comparison to your two selected competitors.  
By understanding and using this document you will be able to determine the right path to take in order to gain a distinct market advantage.

Digital Marketing Audit

Actionable Insights

You'll be able to make some immediate actionable steps in order to improve your digital footprint whilst at the same time be better informed on where your competitors might be having some wins at your expense.

Fully Confidential

Whilst the information we use to build the DMA is found in the public domain, we can assure you we will not disclose any information with regards to your specific DMA to any other unauthorised party.

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